Well managed houses, apartments and residential buildings are in greater demand, rent for more, and command greater long-term capital growth.

Finding the most appropriate tenant, maximising your returns, keeping your property in prime condition, and adding value to your investment are our aims.

Because we know the local market, and important things that only locals can know, we provide true personalised service.

This means that when you contact us we know exactly who you are, and the state of your property portfolio.

Professional property management makes sense for
- investors who do not want the worry of being a hands-on landlord
- investors who live out of the area and can't easily choose tenants, collect the rent and manage repairs
- people who own more than one investment property and don't want to be burdened by the responsibility
- busy people
- people who are not handy, who must rely on trades people to maintain their properties
- people who might have difficulty enforcing the conditions of a lease.

So to expand your property management options, contact us on 03 5444 3312 or email us at