Property Management

Making the right choice
The secret to choosing the right agency to manage your property? Ensuring that your needs are paramount. Maher Real Estate provides you with a range of quality services to meet all of your requirements. Our objective is to protect and grow the capital value of your investment, and to deliver you consistent returns.

Marketing your property
Effective marketing is essential to minimise vacancy and maximise your return on investment. nest property ensures your property receives excellent exposure and attractive presence in the marketplace.

Maher Real Estate property management will work with you to show your property at its very best. We know that investing time and creativity in its presentation is well worth the effort, and is reflected in the rental value. Our goal is to help you maximise your property’s appeal and to achieve a result that rewards your investment.

Maher Real Estate recommends the best options for displaying your property to potential tenants, according to your requirements and the characteristics of the property.

Rental value
Maher Real Estate can advise you on the most effective strategy to meet your personal needs and to achieve your desired rate of return.

Quality tenancy
Attracting the best possible tenant and maintaining a quality relationship is the best way to deliver reliable returns and to protect your property value. Maher Real Estate invests time in tenant relationships by confirming personal and rental history, cross-checking financial profiles and conducting personal interviews before confirming our recommendation with you. We monitor the quality and promptness of services and repairs and ensure that the tenant feels like a valued customer at all times.

Maintenance and improvement
By considering all aspects of maintenance and presentation, Maher Real Estate will ensure that your property is attractive to quality tenants and has maximum occupancy. We maintain a photographic record of your property and identify its most important features and facilities.

Maher Real Estate can offer you professional advice on renovation options that will make the most of your investment. You might be surprised at how much value can be created by some very low-cost options – not to mention how much you can save by avoiding expensive mistakes.

Maher Real Estate aims to give you a satisfying net return on your asset.  Our competitive fees reflect this commitment and are structured to meet your personal requirements.